Ms. Liza Fleissig

Liza Royce Agency, LLC

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Ms. Liza Fleissig

Liza Royce Agency, LLC

1049 Park Ave
New York, NY 10028


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Sep 18, 2014 8:30 am, TopperHarley said...
Thanks, mackyfletch. Congrats on getting agented!
Sep 15, 2014 9:48 am, dlpoet17 said...
@newbie, oddly enough she also sent out another R, which was much more kindly worded, then said there was a death in the family. Maybe this simply was a time for her to step away from reading queries or something. I'm not really sure. And I don't mind rejections at all, but every one in a while, even if you hold up a huge shield, one arrow might get through. I guess this one did for me. I'm not particularly worried about it, but considering a previous writer who mentioned her wanting an exclusive and essentially pulling away a request because she couldn't get one, I have to wonder what exactly her modus operandi is.

oh and I certainly get the whole rough day thing. But I'm on my 4th book. I've written countless queries. I feel like I have an okay grasp of how to be professional. And the query I sent her was professionally reviewed and thoroughly vetted. I'm not some slushpile hell candidate who starts off 'if you don't take this, you will be like everyone who passed on jk rowling,' or something equally arrogant and off-putting. A form rejection will always suffice. But if we're expected to be professional, in spite of hundreds of rejections, we also expect the same.
Sep 11, 2014 3:20 pm, newbie1 said...
@dlpoet17 Don't take it to heart. As I'm sure you're aware, there could be tons of reasons why she said that. Even if your writing is amazing, if an agent doesn't identify with your style, (s)he's going to pass. Another reason: agents who've signed up multiple clients in the recent past (as she has) start getting pickier over the course of the year. An agent on my list (who's closed for queries) tweeted, in frustration, that she wanted to request #PitMad queries but she's taken on too many clients.

But you're right, that doesn't excuse her sending out such a reply. She seems like a decent lady, but some of the decisions she's making leaves me wondering how she treats those on the other side of the fence (editors, colleagues, etc.). It's always difficult to know how your communication will be interpreted (especially in quick touch-and-go email contact), so even if she had no malintent (which I'm sure she didn't), it might've just come across the wrong way. Or she might've just been having a difficult day (I wouldn't be surprised if reading 30-100 submissions a day can drive you insane, especially for someone with a good memory like that).

Brush it off. Things happen, just move on. And up! :)
Sep 11, 2014 1:41 pm, dlpoet17 said...
I most certainly am not giving up because of one query. I just find it upsetting that an agent would so presumptively assume that someone's book a year ago would be anything like a book they wrote a year later. The only way to get better at writing is to write, and the more I do, the more I see an improvement. Agents are entitled to their opinions, but never have I seen an agent presume that someone's new book isn't agent worthy because the last one wasn't. Seems like a poor business strategy, considering most ideas fail, and all that matters is the one that does.
Sep 10, 2014 1:02 pm, mackyfletch said...
Thank you, TopperHarley! I LOVE your attitude toward it all!

Wow, dlpoet17. I can't relate to your feelings because I haven't experienced anything like that...even with agents that rejected me. I can't imagine Liza being rude and really think it was just a situation where she felt like if she'd seen several piece of your work, and didn't feel like it was a fit for LRA, perhaps telling you not to query her in the future was a favor. At any rate, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Just don't give up.

I am a huge believer that God/fate/the Universe, whatever you choose to believe in, will guide/direct you to the people who are supposed to be in your life. That's why rejections, of any type, don't bother me. I just assume that a closed door is the clue for me to look elsewhere. Works for my life, anyway.

Good luck, everyone! And keep banging on the doors! The one that's meant for you...will open.

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