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Who Reps Whom?

A list of 12,683 authors and the literary agents who represent them
(OR have represented them in the past)
You can also search for an agent to view a list of all the authors that agent represents.
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Author Agent
Relentless Aaron
Lynn Abbey
Sparkle Abbey
Elizabeth Abbott
Karen Abbott
Megan Abbott
tony abbott
Victoria Abbott Riccardi
Soo Kim Abboud
Feisal Abdul Rauf
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Erica Abeel
Barbara Abercrombie
Donzaleigh Abernathy
Leila Aboueila
Carolyn Abraham
Daniel Abraham
Pearl Abraham
Atossa Araxia Abrahamian
kyria Abrahams
Eric Abrahamson
David Abram
J. J. Abrams
Pam Abrams
Sasha Abramsky
Enid Abrhami
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Jus Accardo
Chantel Acevedo
Chinua Achebe
Angela Ackerman
Kenneth Ackerman
Nance Ackerman
Peter Ackroyd
Byron Acohido
Marta Acosta
Linda Acredolo
Bill Adair
Cherry Adair
Cherry Adair
Alex Adams
Alina Adams
C.T. Adams
Douglas Adams
Ellery Adams
Fred Adams
Fred C. Adams
Jenoyne Adams
John Joseph Adams
Poppy Adams
Poppy Adams
riley adams
Stacy Hawkins Adams
Paige Adams-Geller
Isaac Adamson
Richard Adamson
Kim Addonizio
Kim Addonizio
Kim Addonizio
Diran Adebayo
Kim Adelman
Tom Adelman
Shelley Adina
Shelley Adina
Dahlia Adler
Dennis Adler
Elizabeth Adler
Alexandra Adornetto
Alexandra Adornetto
Lara Adrian
Milo Afong
Deepika Agarwal
Arthur Agatston
Jon Agee
Jonis Agee
Jonis Agee
Michelle Agins
Denise Agnew
Marcos Aguinis
Ann Aguirre
Renee Ahdieh
Nafeez Ahmed
Saladin Ahmed
Dan Ahrens
Kathleen Ahrens
Josh Aiello
Ginny Aiken
Rennie Airth
Graeme Aitken
Marsha Aizumi
Don Aker
Don Aker
Mary Akers
Karen Akins
Karla Akins
Daniel Akst
Mustafa Akyol
Ali Alalou
Jessica Alba
Laurie Albano
Lisa Albers
Patricia Albers
Becky Albertalli
Diane Alberts
Ellen Albertson
Gennifer Albin
Mitch Albom
Emily Albright
Kathleen Alcott
Jami Alden
Ken Alder
John Alderman
PJ Alderman
Maggie Alderson
Brian Aldiss
Buzz Aldrin
Katie Alender
Rochelle Alers
Colin Alevras
Camille Alexa
Alma Alexander
Bevin Alexander
George Alexander
Jill S. Alexander
Karen Alexander
Karl Alexander
Lori Alexander
Prioleau Alexander
Sally Alexander
Sarah Alexander
Tasha Alexander
Victoria Alexander
Sherman Alexie
Andre Alexis
Annamaria Alfieri
Alice Alfonsi
Alice Alfonsi
Cristina Alger
Sameem Ali
Frederick Alimonti
A. D. Aliwat
Christa Allan
Patricia Allderidge
Tiffany Allee
Benedict Allen
Charles Allen
Crystal Allen
Henry Allen
Jeffrey Renard Allen
John Allen
Judy Allen
Peggy Allen
Rachael Allen
Roger MacBride Allen
Roger Macbride Allen
Roger Macbride Allen
Sarah Addison Allen
Susan Allen
Ami Allen-Vath
Andrew Allentuck
Kimberly Allers
Catherine Allgor
Peter Allison
Will Allison
Peter Alliss
Peter Alliss
Barbara Almond
Steve Almond
Steven Alper
Mark Alpert
Elaine Marie Alphin
John Alston
EJ Altbacker
Anna Alter
Robert Alter
Steve Altes
Laura Marie Altom
Steve Alton
Eric Alva
Aldo Alvarez
Corwyn Alvarez
Julia Alvarez
Rafael Alvarez
Josh Amatore Hughes
Elizabeth Amber
Marc Ambinder
June Ambrose
Starr Ambrose
Daniel G. Amen
Stephen Amidon
Fari Amini
Anita Amirrezvani
Martin Amis
Pam Ammondsen
Lisa Amowitz
Lisa Amowitz
Sheri Amsel
Bharat Anand
Jess Anastasi
Joe Anastasi
George Anastasia
Heather Anastasiu
Bob Andelman
Donna Anders
Kurt Andersen
Laura Andersen
Ann Anderson
Barth Anderson
Brian Anderson
Bryan Anderson
Catherine Anderson
David Anderson
Dianna Anderson
Fred Anderson
Joan Anderson
John Anderson
Kevin J. Anderson
Kevin J. Anderson
Lars Anderson
Max Elliot Anderson
R.J. Anderson
Robert Anderson
Sherry Ruth Anderson
Sherry Ruth Anderson
Steve Anderson
Virginia Anderson
Wendy Anderson
Wendy Anderson Halperin
Stephen Anderton
Bella Andre
Sarah Andre
Coleman Andrews
Donna Andrews
Illona Andrews
Ilona Andrews
Jan Andrews
Jan Andrews
Kell Andrews
Mary Kay Andrews
Nazarea Andrews
Renee Andrews
Ryan Andrews
Sarah Andrews
Toni Andrews
V.C. Andrews
David Andrusia
Melissa Anelli
Jane Angelich
Josephine Angelini
Tom Angleberger
Chloe Angyal
Elia Anie
Brooklyn Ann
Mary Ann
Lili Anolik
Authoress Anonymous
A. Manette Ansay
Manette Ansay
Roderick Anscombe
Ella Anstruther
Robin Antalek
Frank Antenori
Emily Anthes
Joelle Anthony
Lawrence Anthony
Mitch Anthony
Susanne Antonetta
Sinan Antoon
Iris Apfel
Steven Apfelbaum
Steven Apfelbaum
Marianne Apostolides
M. Apostolina
Anjana Appachana
Allen Appel
Marty Appel
Susannah Appelbaum
Kathi Appelt
Kathi Appelt
Kathi Appelt
Linda Apple
Sam Apple
Danny Appleby
Marie Arana
Jorge Arangure
Victoria Arch
Gretchen Archer
Lily Archer
Shirley Archer
Zoe Archer
Carrie Arcos
Darlene Arden
Sandra Ardoin
Ridha Arem
Christine Arena
Vivian Arend
Anne Argula
Chloe Aridjis
Michael Arkush
Venero Armanno
Jennifer Armentrout
Jennifer Armintrout
Heather Armstrong
Jon Armstrong
Kelley Armstrong
Ken Armstrong
Kevin Armstrong
Lori Armstrong
Robb Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong
Angela E. Arndt
Mindee Arnett
Alison Arngrim
James Arnold
Jeanne Arnold
Jake Arnott
Zack Arnstein
Larry Arnstein
Steven Arntson
Elaine N. Aron
Sarah Aronson
Guillermo Arriaga
Aminta Arrington
Nick Arrojo
Emily Arsenault
A.C. Arthur
Anthony Arthur
Artist Arthur
Keri Arthur
Wayne Arthurson
Jack Arute
Daniel Asa Rose
Catherine Asaro
Catherine Asaro
Vincent Asaro
Robin Asbell
John Ash
Sarah Ash
Sarah Ash
William Ash
Amanda Ashby
Katharine Ashe
Jackie Ashenden
Jay Asher
Sandy Asher
David Ashford
Amanda Ashley
Kurek Ashley
Phillipa Ashley
Mika Ashley-Hollinger
Brodi Ashton
Robert Ashton
Adele Ashworth
Rilla Askew
Rick Askins
Nadeem Aslam
Reza Aslan
Tony Aspler
Richard Asplin
Lesley Asquith
Nassim Assefi
Kris Asselin
Simon Astaire
Sean Astin
Dianna Hutts Aston
Kristi Astor
Rachel Astor
Lydia Aswolf-Carey
Dawn Atkins
Jennie Atkins
Robert Atkins
Deborah Turrell Atkinson
Jay Atkinson
Joyce Atkinson
Kristine Atkinson
Mary Atkinson
Rick Atkinson
William Atkinson
Teddy Atlas
Alison Atlee
Kevan Atteberry
Roger Atwood
Henry T. Aubin
Jean Auel
Jean M. Auel
Kimberlee Auerbach
Norman R. Augustine
Sandi Ault
Kaylie Austen
Paul Auster
Bryant Austin
Tim Austin
Ramona Ausubel
Marika Autrand
Swati Avasthi
Anthony F. Aveni
Victoria Aveyard
Judith Avila
Tom Avitable
John P. Avlon
lori avocato
David Axe
Steven Axelrod
James Axler
Heidi Ayarbe
E.A. Aymar
Katherine Ayres
Pam Ayres
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why are some authors listed more than once, and under different agents?
A. This is because the listing shows current and past agents. Knowing that an author was once a client is just as valuable as knowing who that author's agent is now. The agent's tastes probably didn't change, the author just moved on.
Q. Where does this information come from?
A. Most of it is gathered from the authors and agents websites, and a lot is provided by QueryTracker users.
Q. I know of an author/agent relationship that is not listed here. How can I add it?
A. On the "Clients" tab of each agent's profile page there is a form for adding known clients.
Q. Why does it help to know who reps whom?
A. When seeking an agent, it is advisable to target agents who represent books similar to yours. For this it helps to learn the authors and books which the agent represents. It is also useful to state in your query letter why you are approaching a certain agent. Being able to state a similarity to past clients helps with this.