Who Reps Whom?

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Author Agent
Diana Gabaldon
Glen O. Gabbard
Don Gabor
Brigitte Gabriel
Lisa Gabriele
Elizabeth Gaffney
Elizabeth Gaffney
Matt Gaffney
patricia gaffney
Leighton Gage
W.D. Gagliani
Michelle Gagnon
Paul M. Gahlinger
Christopher Gaida
Samuel W. Gailey
Neil Gaiman
Ernest J. Gaines
Karola Gajda
Philip Galanes
Cecilia Galante
Catherine Galasso
Enrique Flores Galbis
John Kenneth Galbraith
Kathryn Galbraith
Stuart Galbraith
Shana Galen
Yasmine Galenorn
Bente Gallagher
BJ Gallagher
Diana Gallagher
Leigh Gallagher
Liz Gallagher
Sherri Gallagher
Jayson Gallaway
Richard Galli
Cindy Gallop
Gregory Galloway
Steven Galloway
Steven Galloway
Liz Galst
Alex Games
Scott Gamm
Jeff Gammage
Robert Gandt
Joseph Gangemi
Theo Gangi
Joseph Gannascoli
Paul Gannon
Jill Alison Ganon
Lee Gant
Dr. James Garbarino
James Garbarino
Stephanie Garber
Cristina Garcia
Kami Garcia
Kami Garcia
Lionel Garcia
Carolina Garcia Aguilera
Carolina Garcia-Aguilera
Alina Garcia-Lapuerta
Catherine Garcia-Prats
Joseph Garcia-Prats
Jane Gardam
Nancy Garden
Nancy Garden
Jenny Gardiner
Michael Gardiner
Amanda Gardner
Craig Shaw Gardner
David Gardner
Ian Gardner
John Gardner
Lisa Gardner
Lisa Gardner
Randyh Gardner
Tom Gardner
Charles Garfield
Debra Garfinkle
Gwynne Garfinkle
Norton Garfinkle
Anu Garg
Stuti Garg
S. Jane Gari
Jeff Garigliano
Alex Garland
Ardella Garland
Alan Garner
Garry A Garrard
Dee Garretson
Greg Garrett
Lisa Garrigues
Graham Garrison
Julia Fox Garrison
Paul Garrison
Jeannine Garsee
Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
Sam Garton
Steve Garvey
Maureen Garvie
Maureen Garvie
Julie Garwood
Amy Gary
Bamber Gascoigne
Jonathan Gash
Whitney Gaskell
Ina May Gaskin
Frank Gaspar
Alicia Gaspar de Alba
Bill Gaston
Marilyn Hughes Gaston
Moses Gate
Iain Gately
A.C. Gaughren
Karen Gaus
Norman G. Gautreau
Atul Gawande
Kelly Gay
William Gay
Joshua Gaylord
W. Michael Gear
Valerie Geary
Ansu Gebeh
Ryan Gebhart
Emily Gee
Henry Gee
Poppy Gee
Sophie Gee
Jamie Gehin
Jody Gehrman
Jody Gehrman
JT Geissinger
Michael Gelb
Marilynn Gelfman Karp
Rena Kornreich Gelissen
Edith Gelles
Roberta Gellis
Roberta Gellis
Dan Gemeinhart
David Gemmell
J. Ruth Gendler
Paul Genney
Lisa Genova
Ted Genoways
Sonia Gensler
Nancy Gent
Arthur George
Elena George
Jean Craighead George
Lexi George
Margaret George
McKelle George
Michael George
Rose George
Brittany Geragotelis
Cindy Gerard
Carole Gerber
Linda Gerber
Michael Gerber
Michael Gerber
Fawaz Gerges
Diane Gerhart
Shane Gericke
Rita Gerlach
Tess Gerritsen
Tess Gerritsen
Judy Rose Gerstein
Marc Gerstein
Mordicai Gerstein
Dennis Gersten
Stephanie Gertler
Jan Gertley
Michael Gertley
David Gessner
Georgie Anne Geyer
Arun Ghandi
Shree Ghatage
Natale Ghent
Natale Ghent
Gary Ghislain
Amitav Ghosh
Zack Giallongo
Chuck Giancana
Sam Giancana
Camilla Gibb
Kaye Gibbons
Reginald Gibbons
Stuart Gibbs
Cole Gibsen
Barbara Gibson
David Gibson
Fiona Gibson
Frank Gibson
Katherine Gibson
Margaret Gibson
Marley Gibson
Rachel Gibson
Rhonda Gibson
Roberta Gibson
William Gibson
Adam Gidwitz
Frances Towner Giedt
David Giffels
Emily Giffin
Emily Giffin
Philip Deane Gigantes
R.S. Gignilliat
Elizabeth Gilbert
Kelly Loy Gilbert
Molly Gilbert
Richard Gilbert
Sheri Gilbert
Elizabeth Gilchrist
Linda Gilden
Annabel Giles
Gail Giles
Gail Giles
Nancy Giles
Nichole Giles
Patrick Giles
Dan Gilgoff
Brendan Gill
Charlotte Gill
James J. Gill
Sharon Gillenwater
Ed Gillespie
Nick Gillespie
Douglas Gillette
David Gillham
Andrea Gillies
Laura Anne Gilman
Laura Anne Gilman
Maureen Gilmer
Jennifer Gilmore
Jim Gilmore
H.B Gilmour
John Gilstrap
John Gilvey
Steven Gimbel
Newt Gingrich
Carol Gino
Debra Ginsberg
Marie Giordano
Fred Gipson
William Giraldi
Robert Girardi
Melissa Girogio
Victor Gischler
Kimbra W. Gish
David Gitlitz
Ann Louise Gittleman
Sol Gittleman
Kathleen Givens
Lee Gjertsen Malone
Malcolm Gladwell
Aaron Glantz
Connie Glaser
Julia Glass
Leslie Glass
Michael Glassman
Miriam Glassman
Ronald Glassman
John Glatt
James Glave
Linda S. Glaz
Eliot Glazer
Colleen Gleason
Colleen Gleason
Erin Gleeson
James Gleick
Daniel Glick
Marshall Glickman
Abbi Glines
Susan Gloss
George Gmelch
Aya Goda
Ken Goddard
Ken Goddard
Robert Goddard
Gail Godwin
Jack Godwin
Christine Goff
Christopher Goffard
Suzanne Goin
Gretel Going
K.L. Going
Glen David Gold
Hal Gold
Robin Gold
Dr. Leonard Goldberg
Lee Goldberg
leonard goldberg
Myla Goldberg
Natalie Goldberg
Nieca Goldberg
Tod Goldberg
Whoopi Goldberg
Arthur Golden
Christie Golden
Christie Golden
Christopher Golden
Cora Golden
Frederic Golden
Marita Golden
Shari Goldhagen
Barbara Goldin
Arthur Steven Goldman
Judy Goldman
Vivien Goldman
Barton Goldsmith
olivia goldsmith
Zac Goldsmith
Suzanne Goldsmith-Hirsch
Doug Goldstein
Emmanuel Goldstein
Jan Goldstein
Joshua S. Goldstein
Lori Goldstein
Martin Goldstein
Melissa Goldstein
Naama Goldstein
Naama Goldstein
Naama Goldstein
Paul Goldstein
Sam Goldstein
Lawrence Goldstone
Patricia Goldstone
andy goldsworthy
David Lynn Golemon
Gary Golio
Adam Gollner
Thomas Goltz
Ellen Golub
Leona Gom
Larry Gonick
Mark Gonyea
Guillermo Gonzalez
J.F. Gonzalez
Karen Good
Jean Goodhind
Terry Goodkind
Terry Goodkind
Ellen Goodlett
Alison Goodman
Amy Goodman
Carol Goodman
David Goodman
Joanna Goodman
Jordan Goodman
Nancy Goodman
Shawn Goodman
Alyssa Goodnight
Scott Goodson
David Goodwillie
Jason Goodwin
Melissa Goodwin
Rosie Goodwin
Susan Goodwyn
Dan Gookin
Kathleen Ann Goonan
Susannah Gora
Jim Gorant
Nadine Gordimer
Cambria Gordon
Charlotte Gordon
Dan Gordon
Debra Gordon
Gina Gordon
Gus Gordon
Jean C. Gordon
Jes Gordon
Mary Gordon
Noah Gordon
Pamela J. Gordon
Phil Gordon
Ariel Gore
Sherry Gore
Ray Gorham
Jack Gorman
Angelica Gorodischer
C. W. Gortner
Melissa Gorzelanczyk
Paula Gosling
Pete Goss
Rachel Gotlieb
C.W. Gotner
Jeff Gottesfeld
Victoria Gotti
Andrew Gottlieb
Eileen Goudge
Ron Goulart
Emily Gould
Jodie Gould
Lewis L. Gould
Meredith Gould
Jon Jon Goulian
janet gover
Sue Goyette
Chris Grabenstein
Chris Grabenstein
Alexandra Grablewski
Angela Grace
Carol Grace
Carol Grace
Melody Grace
Nancy Grace
D.B. Grady
Erin Grady
Kit Grady
David Graeber
Michael Graetz
Ellen Graf
Laurie Graff
Lisa Graff
Sue Grafton
Billy Graham
Don Graham
Heather Graham
Jasper Graham
Jennifer Graham
Jo Graham
John Graham
Stacey Graham
Stephen Graham Jones
Anne Graham Lotz
David Grambs
Sara Gran
Sara Gran
John Grandits
Jess Granger
Alan Grant
Andrew Grant
Cecelia Grant
Donna Grant
Heidi Grant
Helen Grant
Jessica Grant
Michele Grant
Mira Grant
Phyllis Grant
Rachel Grant
Richard Grant
Rob Grant
Sara Grant
Susan Grant
Tom Grant
Tracy Grant
Vicki Grant
Alon Gratch
Tessa Gratton
Alan Gratz
Sheila Grau
Ryan Graudin
Ryan Graudin
Elizabeth Graver
Ashna graves
Keith Graves
Lucia Graves
Tracey Garvis- Graves
Chanelle Gray
Claudia Gray
David Gray
emily gray
Francine Gray
John Maclachlan Gray
Martin Gray
Pat Gray
Rita Gray
Spalding Gray
Nathan Graziano
Mark Greaney
Walter Greatshell
Chuck Greaves
Chris Green
Doug Green
Jane Green
John Green
Kim Green
Martin Green
Norman Green
Robert Green
Roland Green
Roland Green
Sally Green
Simon R. Green
Tyler Green
Martin Greenberg
Peter Greenberg
Riva Greenberg
Susanne Greenberg
Stephen Greenblatt
Zack O'Malley Greenburg
Amy Greene
Anne Greene
Brian Greene
Joshua M. Greene
Karen Greene
Kimberly Greene
Matt Greene
Ronnie Greene
Richard Greener
Eloise Greenfield
Jeff Greenfield
Marjorie Greenfield
Robert Greenfield
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
Steven Greenhouse
Andy Greenwald
Lisa Greenwald
Rachel Greenwald
Arin Greenwood
Gillian Greenwood
Leigh Greenwood
Monique Greenwood
Andrew Sean Greer
Gaylon Greer
Germaine Greer
Daryl Gregory
Daryl Gregory
David Gregory
Julie Gregory
Katharine Greider
Paul & Audrey Grescoe
Taras Grescoe
Brian Gresko
Christopher Grey
Juliet Grey
O.M. Grey
Michelle Griep
Pam Grier
Bruce Grierson
Stephanie Elizondo Griest
Bethany Griffin
Cassandra Griffin
Karol Griffin
Kathy Griffin
Kitty Griffin
Kylie Griffin
Laura Griffin
P.M. Griffin
Pamela Griffin
Roni Griffin
William Griffin
Clay Griffith
Marilynn Griffith
Nicola Griffith
Susan Griffith
Tracy Griffith
Jay Griffiths
Kimberly Griffiths
Jeff Griggs
Julia Griggs Havey
Randy Grim
Linda Grimes
Nikki Grimes
Gris Grimly
Jill Grinberg
Damien Walters Grintalis
Kristina Grish
John Grisham
Mark Grisham
James Grissom
Kathleen Grissom
Kim Griswell
Lauren Grodstein
Lauren Groff
Jessica Grogan
John Grogan
Kevin Grogan
Brian Groh
Tom Groneberg
Jerome Groopman
Elaine Gross
Austin Grossman
Lev Grossman
Vasily Grossman
Wendy M. Grossman
Sonny Grosso
Edwin Grosvenor
Beth Groundwater
Pam Grout
S.E. Grove
Eric Groves
Eric Groves, Sr
Sara Gruen
Stephan Grundy
Stephen Grundy
Janet Grunst
Lisa Grunwald
Olga Grushin
Paul Grushkin
Nancy Gruver
William Guarnere
Selina Guber
Heather Gudenkauf
David Gudgel
Kelly Guercia Hammer
Lucrecia Guerrero
DuPont Guerry
Tim Guest
Laura Lee Guhrke
Cindy guidry
Adam Guillain
Michael Guillebeau
Michael Guillen
Caron Guillo
Paul Guinan
Jeff Guinn
Guneli Gun
Eileen Gunn
Elizabeth Gunn
Genni Gunn
Tim gunn
Andrea Gunraj
Allan Gurganus
Michael Gurian
Michael Gurian
Janet Gurtler
Eleanor Gustafson
Allison Gutknecht
Amy Gutman
Bill Gutman
Dan Gutman
Don Gutteridge
Rene Gutteridge
Jasmine Guy
Nick Guyatt
Ann Guyer
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why are some authors listed more than once, and under different agents?
A. This is because the listing shows current and past agents. Knowing that an author was once a client is just as valuable as knowing who that author's agent is now. The agent's tastes probably didn't change, the author just moved on.
Q. Where does this information come from?
A. Most of it is gathered from the authors and agents websites, and a lot is provided by QueryTracker users.
Q. I know of an author/agent relationship that is not listed here. How can I add it?
A. On the "Clients" tab of each agent's profile page there is a form for adding known clients.
Q. Why does it help to know who reps whom?
A. When seeking an agent, it is advisable to target agents who represent books similar to yours. For this it helps to learn the authors and books which the agent represents. It is also useful to state in your query letter why you are approaching a certain agent. Being able to state a similarity to past clients helps with this.