Who Reps Whom?

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Author Agent
Alison Pace
Alison Pace
Anne Marie Pace
George Packer
ZZ Packer
Jennifer Paddock
Theo Padnos
Alfonse Pagano
Sharon Page
Tyler Page
Carrie Fancett Pagels
Elaine H. Pagels
Antonio Pagliarulo
Andy Paige
Michelle Painchaud
Catherine Painter
Jack Painter
Kristen Painter
Brad Paisley
Bernadette Pajer
Sam D. Pakan
Chuck Palahniuk
Greg Palast
Margie Palatini
Rebecca Paley
Deborah Jeane Palfrey
Evelyn Palfrey
Liz Palika
Joshua Palmatier
Elizabeth Palmer
Jim Palmer
John J. Palmer
Kimberly Palmer
Laura Palmer
Michael Palmer
Pamela Palmer
Suzanne Palmieri
Chloe Palov
Gwyneth Paltrow
Allison Pang
Stephanie Panichelli
Tintin Pantoja
Christopher Paolini
Theresa Paolo
Lisa Papademetriou
Pat Pape
Pat Pape
Robert Pape
Joseph Parent
Sara Paretsky
Jason Pargin
Jay Parini
Stan Parish
Stephen Parish
Chris Park
David Park
Ed Park
Linda Sue Park
Robert Park
Andrew Parker
C.L. Parker
Geoffrey Parker
I.J. Parker
Natalie Parker
Roger Parker
Suzanne Parker
Timothy Parker
Tom Parker Bowles
Brooke Parkhurst
Carolyn Parkhurst
Adele Parks
Carrie Stuart Parks
Electa Parks
Tim Parks
Steven Parlato
Doris Parmett
Elizabeth Parr
Kelly Parra
SJ Parris
Christa Parrish
PJ Parrish
Jim Parry
Owen Parry
Allen Parsley
estelle parsons
Kevin Parsons
Russ Parsons
Tim Parsons
Keija Parssinen
J. P. Partland
Frank Partnoy
Elizabeth Partridge
Benjamin Parzybok
Julie Paschkis
Jennifer Pashley
Dan Pashman
Vince Passaro
Jacki Passmore
Dave Pasternack
Harley Pasternak
Stephan Pastis
Brigid Pasulka
Brigid Pasulka
Ann Patchett
Ayesha Patel
Eboo Patel
Dathan Paterno
Katherine Paterson
John R. Patrick
Susan Patron
Daniel Patterson
Diane Patterson
James Patterson
Janci Patterson
Kevin Patterson
Romaine Patterson
Beth Pattillo
Eliot Pattison
Benjamin Patton
Fiona Patton
Lisa Patton
Robert Patton
Caroline Paul
Fiona Paul
Jim Paul
T.V. Paul
Candy Paull
John Paulos
Gary Paulsen
Ingrid Paulson
Michelle Paver
Diana L. Paxson
C.D. Payne
C.D. Payne
David Payne
Katherine Payne
Lyla Payne
Stuart Payne
Nelofer Pazira
Kathleen Peacock
Molly Peacock
Nancy Peacock
Fred Pearce
Jackson Pearce
Kate Pearce
Lawrence Pearce
Matthew Pearl
Ann Pearlman
Kit Pearson
Linda Pearson
Mary Pearson
Peter Pearson
Ridley Pearson
Allan Pease
Barbara Pease
M. Scott Peck
Richard Peck
Richard Peck
Jane Peddicord
Laura Pedersen
Kelli Peduzzi
Nicole Peeler
Basharat Peer
Cheryl Peevyhouse
Parker Peevyhouse
Mark Pegg
Kira Peikoff
Sarah Pekkanen
Barbara Pekow
Zak Pelaccio
John Pelan
George Pelecanos
Judith Pella
Jennifer Pelland
Charles R. Pellegrino
Richard Pells
Melissa Jo Peltier
Dave Pelzer
Richard B. Pelzer
Bonnie Pemberton
James H. Pence
Joanne Pence
Joanne pence
Tess Pendergrass
Mark Pendergrast
George Pendle
Rosalind B. Penfold
David Penhale
Miroslav Penkov
Sharon Penman
Ruth Pennebaker
Louise Penney
T.M. Pennington
Travis Pennington
Louise Penny
Sara Pennypacker
Phil Pepe
George Peper
Kate Pepper
Don Peppers
Susan Perabo
Benjamin Percy
Lewis Perdue
Tito Perdue
Esther Perel
Esther Perel
Deb Perelman
Ken Perenyi
Victor Perera
Victor Perera
Marlene Perez
Arturo Perez-Reverte
Shirley Perich
Aki Peritz
Jack Perkins
Mitali Perkins
Stephanie Perkins
Marcelle Perks
Micah Perks
Linda Perlstein
Susan Permut
Jim Perrin
Kayla Perrin
Kayla Perrin
Nigel Perrin
Sarah Perron
Adam Perrott
Tom Perrotta
Tom Perrotta
Tom Perrotta
Anne Perry
Betsy Perry
Drew Perry
Gail Perry
Jolene Perry
Karen Perry
Kate Perry
Laurie Perry
Leigh Perry
Maggie Perry
Nick Perry
Trish Perry
Tyler Perry
Stacy Pershall
Candace Pert
Nancy Peske
Miriam Peskowitz
Miriam Peskowitz
Andrew Pessin
Marisha Pessl
Marisha Pessl
Diana Peterfreund
Diana Peterfreund
Julie Anne Peters
Ralph Peters
Shawn Peters
Tom Peters
Jenna Petersen
Lynn Petersen
Betsy Peterson
Brenda Peterson
James Peterson
Susan Lynn Peterson
Kathy Petras
Ross Petras
Jen Petro-Roy
Bill Petrocelli
Maureen Christian Petrosky
Ann Petry
Mark Pett
Vicki Pettersson
Erin Petti
Dev Petty
Heather Petty
Geoff Pevere
April Peveteaux
Michael Pewtherer
Randy Peyser
Jean Pfaelzer
Chuck Pfarrer
Donald Pfarrer
Lee Pfeiffer
Mary Beth Pfeiffer
Andrew X. Pham
LeUyen Pham
Charles Phan
Walid Phares
James Phelan
Matt Phelan
Dee Phelps
Vickie Phelps
Suzanne Philips
Ilene Philipson
Hank Phillipi Ryan
J.C. Phillipps
Adam Phillips
Arthur Phillips
Carly Phillips
Christina Phillips
Clyde Phillips
Donald T. Phillips
Edward O. Phillips
Julie Phillips
Rebecca Phillips
Richard Phillips
Scott Phillips
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Tim Phillips
Michael Piafsky
Tom Piazza
Patrick Picciarelli
Richard Picciotto
Alison Pick
Nancy Pickard
Jodi Picoult
David Pierce
Tamore Pierce
Terry Pierce
Stephanie Pierson
David Pietrusza
Caroline Pignat
April Lynn Pike
Aprilynne Pike
Aprilynne Pike
Christopher Pike
Christopher Pike
Rajendra Pillai
Paul Pillar
Richard L. Pimental-Habib
Nancy Pinard
Sarah Pinborough
Eric Pinder
Joe Pine
Caridad Pineiro
Richard Pini
Wendy Pini
Dan Pink
Jerry Pinkney
Daniel Pinkwater
Daniel Pinkwater
Jill Pinkwater
Sarah Pinneo
Molly Pinto Madigan
Don Piper
Joseph Pistone
Rick Pitino
Robert Pitofsky
David Pitt-Brooke
Allison Pittman
Craig Pittman
Byron Pitts
Gordon Pitts
J.A. Pitts
John Pitts
Peter Pitzele
Renita Pizzitola
greg pizzoli
Sylvia Plachy
Jean Plaidy
M. C. Planck
Nina Planck
Peter Plate
Emilia Plater
Cheryl Plato
Mike Plato
Jo Platt
Corrie Lynne Player
George Plimpton
John Plotz
Amy Plum
Carol Plum Ucci
Robert Pobi
Robert Pobi
Andrew Podnieks
Emily Pohl-Weary
Daniel Polansky
Renato Poliafito
Taylor M. Polites
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi
Eileen Pollack
Eileen Pollack
Eileen Pollack
Rachel Pollack
William Pollack
Lindsey Pollak
Michael Pollan
Stephen Pollard
Allyson Pollock
Donald Ray Pollock
Tom Pollock
Nick Pollotta
Julia Pomeroy
Philip Pomper
Mimi Pompom
Cindy Pon
Darryl Ponicsan
Ian Pont
Catherine Poole
Barbara Pope
Loren Pope
Richard Pope
Barry Popkin
Michael Popkin
Alexandra Popoff
Nikki Poppen
Michael Port
Andrew Porter
Gayle K. Porter
Jane Porter
Lynnette Porter
Sarah Porter
Todd Porter
Tricia Porter
Andrea Portes
Frank Portman
David Posen
Pat Posner
Sarah Posner
James B. Post
Robyn Post
The Emily Post Institute
Andrew Potter
Ellen Potter
Mary Potter Engel
Peter Potterfield
Rolf Potts
Else Poulsen
Sibeal Pounder
Bruce Allen Powe
Christina Powell
E.M. Powell
Jane Powell
Julie Powell
Nate Powell
Randy Powell
Robert Powell
Sophie Powell
Carla Power
Nani Power
Nani Power
Ann Powers
Dennis Powers
Ron Powers
Thomas Powers
Tim Powers
Tim Powers
William Powers
James Powlik
David Pratt
T. A. Pratt
Tim Pratt
Ismet Prcic
Laura Preble
Martin Prechtel
Jerome Preisler
Jerome Preisler
Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman
Alex Prentiss
David Prerau
Mike Pressler
Brian Preston
Adam Price
Cate Price
Dianne Price
John t. price
Jon Price
Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price
Katie Price
Lance Price
Lissa Price
Nancy Price
Andrea Price Berthot
Jessie Prichard Hunter
Cherie Priest
Cherie Priest
Margaret Priestley
Elise Primavera
Trayce Primm
Michael Prince
Michael Prince
Dawn Prince-Hughes
Sarah Prineas
Heather Pringle
Heather Pringle
Debra Prinzig
Jenny Prior
Lily Prior
Sara Pritchard
jennifer probst
Jennifer Probst
Eve Proctor
Nick Pron
Winter D. Prosapio
Francine Prose
Stephen Prothero
Karen Campbell Prough
Annie Proulx
Annie Proulx
Joanne Proulx
Royce Prouty
Liz Prueitt
Todd Pruzan
Malcolm Pryce
Eric Puchner
Charlotte Puckette
Rachel Pudelek
Stanislao Pugliese
Kate Pullinger
Rebekah L Purdy
Karyn Purvis
Karyn Purvis
Eileen Putman
Thomas Pynchon
Andrew Pyper
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Why are some authors listed more than once, and under different agents?
A. This is because the listing shows current and past agents. Knowing that an author was once a client is just as valuable as knowing who that author's agent is now. The agent's tastes probably didn't change, the author just moved on.
Q. Where does this information come from?
A. Most of it is gathered from the authors and agents websites, and a lot is provided by QueryTracker users.
Q. I know of an author/agent relationship that is not listed here. How can I add it?
A. On the "Clients" tab of each agent's profile page there is a form for adding known clients.
Q. Why does it help to know who reps whom?
A. When seeking an agent, it is advisable to target agents who represent books similar to yours. For this it helps to learn the authors and books which the agent represents. It is also useful to state in your query letter why you are approaching a certain agent. Being able to state a similarity to past clients helps with this.