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QT Premium Membership Makes a Great Gift

Premium Membership Gift Certificates can be sent to your writing friends for...
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • To thank a beta reader or crit-mate
  • To congratulate a friend for completing a manuscript
  • or to launch someone on their query journey

They also make great prizes for writing or blog contests.

Gift certificates can be printed for personal or postal delivery,
or e-mailed to the recipient.

Redeeming a certificate is easy. All the recipient need do is visit the web page specified on the certificate and enter their personal coupon code.

If the recipient is already a premium members, their subscription will be extended for another year.


Gift certificates grant the recipient one full year of Premium Membership.

Only $25

What is a Premium Subscription?

If not redeemed, the coupon expires one year from the date of issue.
The Premium Subscription starts on the date the coupon is redeemed, and continues for one full year.