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Premium Members are rewarded with access to many features and abilities not available to standard members.

Comparison of Standard and Premium Memberships

  Standard Members Premium Members
Access to the searchable database of agents and publishers. Yes Yes
Track the status of all your queries. Yes Yes
Use folders to organize your queries. Yes Yes
Number of folders available. 2 Unlimited
Track queries for multiple projects (up to 20 projects). no Yes
Receive an Email notification whenever new agents or publishers are added to QT.
(you will need to enable this feature on your account settings page)
no Yes
Advanced Reports [All reports marked with a (P)] no Yes
Search for agents based on gender, AAR membership and more. no Yes
Agency and Project Cross-Reference Lists no Yes
Assign priority values to agents and publishers, to better organize your lists. no Yes
Add private agents and publishers to the database (these are agents and publishers that only you can view and select). no Yes
Access to the Data Explorer no Yes
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